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Here is how it works. Follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Call the Frisco Baptist Association office for the password to go to Step 2 and Step 3 (Right now this program "Invite Your One" is for the churches of Frisco Baptist Association in SE Oklahoma).


Step 2:  Submit your information for your church in the form provided. I will create a private link to your page and program a RFID sticker with the corresponding QR code printed on it.  I will mail or deliver your RFID stickers and then you can place these sticker on the back of your key fob, smart phone, poster, etc. 


Step 3:  Submit your special event information for your church. You can submit multiple events or one at a time. I will update your page as needed.

You can then "Invite Your One" by asking them to place the top of their phone next to your sticker and your page will pop up for that event or church service. This will work for most Android smart phones and newer iPhones.


For older iPhones and phones that have this feature disabled you can have them simply open their camera app and have them focus on your sticker and the invite will pop up. It is that simple.  


Below is an example of what an "Invite Your One" page could look like however it can be custom designed to fit your church needs.

Features can include: Active link for directions, a place for your current event ie. Revival, Fellowship, BBQ, Concert, etc., Analytics Report on site visitors emailed to you, link to a gospel track, custom forms, etc. If you can think something up then I can figure out a solution for your church.

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