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Mark A. Boyd has served as a pastor of churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio for 21 years and also as Chief of Operations for a hospice for 7 years. He is currently Director of Missions at Frisco Baptist Association in Hugo, Oklahoma.  Mark and Stacia have been married for thirty years and have two sons. Mark is a graduate from Oklahoma Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Church Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Religious Education and a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Health Administration from University of Phoenix, and a Doctor of Ministry with a specialization in Church Revitalization from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. became an idea when Mark's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His last words to his son as he woke up on one of his last mornings on earth, "I thank the LORD for giving me One More Morning to be with my family." An idea began to come to light on creating an evangelism outreach strategy using technology and our own individual story.


   The transition phrase would become, "If you only had One More Morning how would you live TODAY?" You can imagine that people have all kinds of answers to this question but how would you spend today if this was your last day on earth?


   His father was always handing out his son's church business card to everyone that he met and would invite them to his church. So a card was developed to encourage believers in Jesus Christ to share with others their God story. Each card is individualized on the back with a QR code and a short URL that will point to their own unique God story. Google analytics provide support metrics on how often their story is watched and the responses. 


   The oldest and most basic form of communication is story telling. We have been given a story from God to tell. Every follower of Christ has a God story.  The amazing thing about a story, it was meant to be told.

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